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The 10 Best Overall Faucet Brands of 2023

2023年11月2日 Lava Odoro
The 10 Best Overall Faucet Brands of 2023-LAVA ODORO

Numerous renowned faucet manufacturers boast a rich history of crafting high-quality, inventive, and cost-effective faucets in various styles, perfect for enhancing any kitchen or bathroom during a renovation. The choice of the best faucet brand for your home hinges on factors such as design, durability, cost-effectiveness, and the warranty provided by the brand. We invite you to explore our carefully curated list of the top 10 faucet brands that excel in various aspects.

Our Method for Selecting Top Faucet Brands To compile our list of the finest faucet brands, we initiated the process by identifying competitors that met essential criteria. Subsequently, our team meticulously evaluated 19 of the most readily available faucet brands from that initial selection, using an extensive range of more than a dozen distinctive attributes as benchmarks. We then refined our list to feature only the cream of the crop among faucet brands. Our ratings consider variables such as customer feedback, handle and spout options, warranties, and BBB ratings. It's important to note that all assessments are made independently by our editorial team.

Why Forbes Home is a Trusted Source: The Forbes Home team is dedicated to delivering impartial and unbiased ratings and information. We rely on data and the expertise of professionals to shape our content. Furthermore, our advisory board of licensed experts rigorously fact-checks and scrutinizes our content to ensure its accuracy and relevance.


The 10 Best Overall Faucet Brands of 2023

What Are the Different Faucet Types?

Faucets come in four distinct types: ball, disc, cartridge, and compression, each characterized by its mechanical structure. Beyond these variations, faucets are available in two-handle, single-handle, and pulldown styles.

Ball Faucet: A ball faucet features a single handle, typically made of plastic or metal, enabling the control of both water flow and temperature. Within these faucets, spring-loaded rubber seals are utilized, which may deteriorate over time, potentially leading to leaks.

Disc Faucet: Disc faucets, recognized for their modern aesthetics, incorporate a side-mounted handle. These faucets employ a pressure balance cartridge to blend hot and cold water. The control of flow and temperature is achieved by moving the handle from side to side. Ceramic disc faucets are renowned for their reliability and reduced susceptibility to leaks compared to ball faucets.

Compression Faucet: Compression faucets derive their name from their operation: a washer creates a seal when in the off position, effectively blocking water flow. Turning the faucet on lifts a stem to break this seal, allowing water to flow. These faucets have a long history and are widely available, making them a cost-effective choice. While they are easy to repair, they are more prone to developing leaks over time due to wear and tear on the washer.

Cartridge Faucet: Double-handle cartridge faucets share a visual resemblance with compression faucets, but they offer smoother operation and do not require excessive force to shut off. Cartridge faucets rely on a cartridge that seals against the faucet base using O-rings. They are easily repairable and exhibit enhanced resistance to leaks.

Selecting the Right Faucet Brand for Your Needs

In search of guidance for choosing the ideal faucet brand? Your best options are those with a well-established reputation for quality, a diverse selection, and robust warranties. Look for brands that align with your kitchen's aesthetic. While the quality of faucets across brands has become more consistent, some companies prioritize technology and design. If design matters more to you than features like motion sensors or temperature settings, certain brands may be more appealing.


Typically, long-standing faucet manufacturers have a stronger track record for reliability compared to newer entrants. Nonetheless, it's prudent to scrutinize each company's product offerings before making a decision. Over time, faucets can develop leaks, and the responsiveness of companies in replacing faulty parts can differ.


Luxury faucets can carry a hefty price tag, but they may be an ideal fit for high-end kitchens or bathrooms. However, if you're seeking functionality coupled with a compelling design, there are numerous budget-friendly options available. Setting a budget before you start your search will help you find the perfect faucet within a comfortable price range.


While most faucet companies offer lifetime or limited lifetime warranties, it's crucial to examine the specifics to understand precisely what each warranty covers. Faucet components can wear out over time, and hiring a plumber can be costly.


If you prioritize having a unique-looking faucet, explore the available finish options. While many brands offer standard finishes like brass, stainless steel, chrome, or bronze, some manufacturers provide an extensive range of up to 33 distinct finishes, ensuring you can find one that stands out.


In order to determine the ranking of the best overall faucet brands, the Forbes Home Improvement editorial team conducted an analysis of nearly 20 brands, using third-party data. The star rating for each product was established by considering a variety of metrics, including:

Customer Rating (25%) Customer ratings for each faucet brand were assessed across various platforms, constituting 25% of the total ranking.

Handle Options Available (25%) The number of handle options offered by a faucet brand across its product lines played a significant role in the evaluation, contributing to 25% of the total ranking.

Spout Types Available (25%) Similar to handle options, the variety of spout types offered by each brand was quantified and assessed, with each brand receiving points based on its offerings.

Warranty (15%) The warranty policies of each faucet brand, applied universally to their products, influenced the ranking by contributing 15% of the total score.

BBB Rating (10%) The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, indicating a company's overall health, was incorporated as a category accounting for 10% of the ranking. Brands with higher BBB ratings earned more points.