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If I ordered a faucet from Lava Odoro, who can I contact for any type of tracking for my item?

You may contact Lava Odoro for your tracking number only if you purchased directly from Lava Odoro Inc. If you have purchased your Lava item through a third party, then you should contact your original
place of purchase.

If my original purchase says my item has been discontinued, does that mean Lava has also discontinued this item as well?

No, this does not mean Lava Odoro has discontinued your item. Although, if a Lava item has been discontinued, we may not carry any replacement parts for that item. For further info, contact Lava Odoro.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my Lava item?

Replacement parts can be purchased through original place of purchase, visiting our shop or contacting our customer service at info@faucetorsink.com

If my faucet is leaking, what should I do?

First you should turn off your water supply to the faucet. Contact a professional plumber to assess the cause of the leak. If the plumber determines your leak was caused by a product failure, contact your original place of purchase so they can request the necessary replacement parts.

The handle lever fell off my faucet handle, where can I find a replacement for the faucet?

You can call Lava Odoro as we ship replacement parts for your Lava Odoro handle.


If I am needing technical support or help installing my product, who can I contact?

You can call us or email us to info@faucetotsink.com or info@lavaodoro.com for technical support.

Is a sealant needed to install my faucet drain assembly?

Yes, we recommend that a silicon base sealant be used when installing your drain. Plumber’s Putty is not recommended as it may shorten the life of the finish on your drain.

Can I use my old drain on my new Lava bathroom lavatory faucet?

Yes you may. Most older drain assemblies are generic and should be compatible with your faucet.

What is the recommended hole size for my kitchen faucet?

The standard recommended hole size is 1-3/8”.

The kitchen faucet spout shank isn't long enough to fit my granite countertop. Do you have an extension kit?

Yes, please contact Lava Odoro to obtain the extension kit.

How do I know which types of kitchen faucets fit my sink?

First, determine the number of holes and space prior to buying your faucet. The space is measured
from the hole center to hole center and available in single-hole, two-hole (usually 4”), three-hole (4”, 8” on
widespread models) and four-hole.

Secondly, determine the size of the spout. The spout should reach as close to the center of the sink as
possible and if you have multiple bowls, you may want to have the spout that can be rotated to provide
coverage for each one.

Lastly, determine the finish. Most Lava faucets are available in brushed gold, matte black, bronze gold, polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel and selective two-tone finishes (Like matte black and brushed gold).

If the coming deck plate or Escutcheon is too small and can not fit the hole, What can I do?

You can cantact Lava Odoro for extra size Escutcheon.